• A Guide to Decluttering Your Life
A Guide to Decluttering Your Life

Today we want to address a rather large elephant in the room. We are all under the power of consumerism, and for understandable reasons. The gratification of 'new' is euphoric and always will be, but there comes a point when the euphoria begins to own you which means that your possessions or, rather, the acquisition of new possessions begins to own you. If right now your mind is beginning to justify your most recent purchases you need to keep reading.

Remember the last time you did a deep and thorough purge of your home? It's okay if you've only ever done this once in your life, but go back to that time no matter how long ago. Do you remember another kind of gratification? The power of making cut-and-dry decisions, saying no, and taking ownership is stronger than consumerism because it comes from inside of you, not from inanimate objects, regardless of how much you wanted them.

Ready to tackle your home? Here's how:

1. Get rid of duplicates.
- Please note this does not apply to shoes... or jeans, but how many sets of measuring cups do you really need?

2. If you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it.
- We all, and some more than others, operate under the "Well, someday I'll find the perfect thing to wear with this!" or "It may come in handy someday!" mindset. Don't fall for it. With your closet, turn your hangers so that the handles curve towards you over the rod. If, after six months, the hanger is still backwards you can get rid of the item with confidence. Give seasonal items a year before donating them.

3. Don't keep items out of guilt.
- Everyone's got the proverbial pink bunny pajamas in their home: the awkward wedding presents, the kitschy handmade item from a distant relative, or the lopsided dress you sewed in college. Just because it was a gift or you had high hopes for an item you put a lot of time into doesn't mean you have to hang on to it forever. Let's repeat: you do not have to keep something for fear of disappointing someone, even yourself.

4. If you wouldn't buy it today, get rid of it.
-Pretty self-explanatory.

If you're still having trouble deciding whether or not to keep the item, especially those miscellaneous objects, ask yourself these questions:

5. Does it fit the lifestyle and vibe of who you are?
- Every item you decide to keep says something about who you are. Does whatever you're holding in your hand compliment your personality or lifestyle? No? Move on.

6. Would you be really sad if you didn't have it anymore?


-If the answer to this last question is no, then you know it's time to let the item bring joy to someone else. Unless it's junk... don't donate junk. Recycle it or maybe re-purpose it into something you WILL love.

Take these steps to heart for the next time you go shopping. They're a great way to liberate your mind and your wallet to focus on the things you love. Spend your money on memories; spend your time on adventures.

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  • Jul 07, 2016

    Hi Abi Good advice! Working on it! Hearts and pearls.. love it.


    — Tilney

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