• Your Guide to Summer Sun Protection
Your Guide to Summer Sun Protection

We've all got summer on the brain. The minute we check the weather and it's over 70 degrees, we go crazy with sunshiny imaginings. Because the sun feels so good, it's easy to forget that it's also dangerous. Skin cancer is a real concern that is highly prevalent, but also highly preventable. Here are our favorite ways to keep your skin safe while also having a great time in the sun.

  • H&P Snapback Hats
    Our new line of floral snapback hats are an easy-to-wear solution that keep your face shaded. We've all done the fluorescent pink cheeks bit and no one wants to go back there. We've even got a snapback for the men in your life. Go ahead, go crazy!

  •  Beautiful Cover-Ups
    Headed for a long beach walk or going into the pool lounge for a drink and some lunch? Throw on one of these versatile cover-ups for some sun-protection and a fashion statement. They'll keep you cool as they catch the breeze.

  • Fun Beach Umbrellas
    Find yourself one of these bad boys and you're good to go. Simply plunge the end into the sand (try to find one that has has an hollow stand and a slanted tip to allow for easier set-up) to make your own shade. Perfect for reading or napping under, they're an excellent way to ensure you've got a cool place to retreat when you're ready, plus they'll keep your personal items from overheating in your bag.
  • Natural Sunscreen
    Now here's the most important part. Most people misunderstand how sunscreen works. The SPF (sun protection factor) isn't an indicator of the strength of the particular formula you're using, as though it only allowed a certain amount of UV rays depending on the SPF. It's the amount of time you can go without reapplying, or how long that sunscreen will last before it loses its efficacy. 30 SPF = 30 minutes, 50 SPF = 50 minutes, and so on. As a general rule, you should be reapplying every hour.
    Many sunscreens include a long list of chemicals and artificial fragrances. Here's one of our favorites that doesn't, plus it smells great!

What are your favorite shade-making products? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!

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