• 6 Summer Beauty Products You'll Love
6 Summer Beauty Products You'll Love

This week we're introducing you to the beauty products we swear by to keep your skin, hair, and makeup flawless during hot summer days!

1. Eyeshadow Primer Potion
    Urban Decay

Just a little of this magic concoction blended on your eyelid makes a world of difference. After, just apply your shadow as normal and voila: no creasing and no color fading even on the most humid days! No kidding (seriously, we've tested). We also love that this lightweight formula is concealed in such a pretty purple tube.

5. Coconut Hibiscus Curl- Enhancing Hair Smoothie
    Shea Moisture

Even if this product didn't work, we would still buy it because the fragrance is SO WONDERFUL. Fortunately it does, but be warned: straight and wavy-haired girls, this isn't, sadly, for you. If your hair has a tendency to fall flat, this will just increase that tendency. However, this formula is packed with silk protein and neem oil with other natural and certified organic ingredients to lock in moisture and define unruly curls.
If you do have straight or wavy hair and still want some of the delicious scent to follow you throughout your day, try the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner with the same fragrance! It's technically a curl defining formula, but it won't weigh your hair down like the curl smoothie might and will definitely smooth your hair. The company's story is amazing as well!

2. Baby Calm Down
    Beauty Society

Spend a little too much time with Mr. Sun? Not to worry, this cooling gel is here to save the day. Calendula and chamomile extracts plus lavender oil sooth and heal your skin so you'll be back to comfortable in no time. With all those floral essences, your nose will love it too!


3. Totally Baked - Meringue Styling Prep
    Bed Head

Remember Barnum's Animal Crackers? That's exactly what this styling preparation formula smells like. It's a flashback to your summer childhood memories every time you use it. Tousle into damp hair for maximum style retention whether you're curling or straightening. Alternatively, scrunch your hair a bit and let it air dry for amazing textured beach waves.

4. Prep + Prime Lip

Keep your lip color from fading and cracking with this luscious balm. Swipe the sweet scented primer on to your lips and allow it to become a bit tacky before applying your lipstick. You'll be amazed at how moisturized your lips feel all day no matter what the temperature.

6. Intensive Hydrating Mask

This is hands down the best way we've found to hydrate parched skin. After cleansing, apply a nickel sized amount to your fingers and sweep it in an even layer across your entire face. Feel free to apply it on your lips to relieve dryness there. We recommend you let it sit for about half an hour, but honestly, it's going to benefit you no matter how much time you have, or don't have.
You can even leave it on overnight! Just make sure to give your face a good cleansing in the morning as it can start to fill your pores a bit. This hydrating gel is the perfect blend of aloe, kelp, and rosewater extract and is non-irritating with no scent. It's pretty much a huge drink of water for your skin.

 Love and use these products already? Let us know why in the comments below. Here's to fun, sun, and beauty all summer!



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