• Out-of-the-Box Dates That Won't Break the Bank
Out-of-the-Box Dates That Won't Break the Bank

Life is busy, we can pretty much all agree on that, and it's easy to forget the little things in our romantic relationships that mean so much. On the other hand, your classic dinner-and-a-movie can be a huge expense! Well, we've gone back to the drawing board for you and compiled a list of ideas that are easy on your pocket book and perfect for whatever the two of you may be in to.

1. Arts and Crafts Night

Scope out your local pottery, mosaic, or painting studio and create something the two of you can share and enjoy together. Because you're only paying for one piece, it's a low-cost way to have fun with the one you love. If it turns out beautifully, great! If not, it's a funky piece of decor the two of you can laugh at and fondly reminisce about for years to come.

2. Dine in

The key to this one is intention. It's so easy at the end of the day to just whip up something quick for the both of you, turn on the TV and call it good. Intentionally plan and prepare a romantic dinner together. Choose a recipe that looks good to the both of you and is comfortable price-wise. Shop for ingredients and then set aside time in your evening to put on some tunes, open a bottle of wine for the both of you, and start to cook. Set the table up nice with candles and, heck, even napkins! Talk about all the things you did during the week and share the meal you made together. It's sure to become a tradition!

3. Spend a day on the water.

Ever tried paddle boarding? It's amazing! Not to mention hilarious when one of you slips off your board. Paddle boarding is also relatively inexpensive and incredibly fun. Pack a picnic lunch in a waterproof backpack and float your boards together when you feel like eating. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

4. Build-A-Fort

Remember when we were kids and blanket forts were pretty much the coolest thing ever? Well, they are still a great way to have fun and spend time with your significant other! Grab your spare quilts and go to town. Stack pillows inside and the fluffiest of your blankets to create a nest. Then grab your laptop and the popcorn to snuggle up with your favorite movie together.

5. Take A Hike

In every state there are hundreds of places to hike. There's nothing much better than trees rustling up above and fresh air in your lungs, especially with someone you love! While a Discover Pass or other form of fee is usually required to enter, the National Park Service has several days a year when entrance is free! Here are the open dates for the rest of the year:

  • August 25 through 28: National Park Service Birthday
  • September 24: National Public Lands Day
  • November 11: Veterans Day

6. Stargazing

    Pack up the pickup with an old mattress, blankets, hot cocoa, and snacks and drive out of town. Park in a field with a wide panorama of the stars and make up your own names for the constellations; spend a romantic evening under the night sky for simply the price of gas. It's one of those things you read about in novels and see in movies, but it really isn't cliche, it's wonderful!

    What are your favorite money-saving date nights? Comment below to share. We'd love to hear all about them!

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