• Babyshower Gifts They'll Actually Love
Babyshower Gifts They'll Actually Love

We covered newly-wed gifts a couple of months ago and our position still stands: registries are nice, but sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones you don't ask for. We are coming into a world of new trends for baby gadgets and apparel where parents are much more able to show off their infant's personality along with their own lifestyle choices. Take a look at the following products for ideas on how to be the best non-registry friend ever!

1. Babysteps Deluxe Food Mill by KidCo
This is a great product for parents on the go. Canned baby food can get real expensive real fast, but this food mill allows parents to bring their own fresh snacks like apples and carrots to process into nutritious meals. This version comes with a travel bag for easy storage of mill and utensils. Excess food remains inside the mill to reduce mess until it can be disposed of.

2. Harts & Pearls Newborn Headband
Did you know Harts & Pearls makes accessories for little ones? Well, now you do! They are the perfect gift because, as you know, new parents take a plethora of baby pictures. Most of our amazing styles are available in infant and child sizes and are the perfect way to show off a baby's personality.

2. Moby Safety Bath Spout Cover by Skip Hop
How adorable is this widdle whale? He keeps children safe in the tub too. This product is best used when baby is able to sit up and bath time becomes playtime. The low price point makes this a great filler gift in a gift basket. No more bonked noggins on the faucet. Hallelujah!

3. Footed Romber by MilkBarn
Based out of dairy country near San Francisco, MilkBarn Kids offers unique looks for any baby. Many of their pieces are gender neutral which is great if you're attending a shower where the parents are choosing not to find out until the birth. All of their products are beautiful with large colorful prints in simplistic design made from organic cotton that are as timeless as they are quirky. We especially love their footed romper because it is breathable, touchable, and with snap closures there are no zippers to worry about.

4. Blooming Bath Baby Bath
Pictures of babies bathing in the sink are some of the cutest photos ever, so this next product might just blow your mind... in fact, it may not be safe to gift, it's so stinkin' sweet. Meet the Blooming Baby Bath, a plush, easily dried, bath flower. That's right, it turns the sink into a little flower tub for baby. Available in a variety of color options for boys and girls, it keeps the infant safe and cozy, not to mention insanely adorable!

5. Saltwater Sandals
You might have a pair of these as your summertime go-to, but they also make them for kids! We don't recommend buying an infant sized pair to give as a gift because, well, most infants don't walk, but with an awesome offering of different colors these sandals are perfect for adventurous toddlers. Their look is so classic that parents can hang on to these until baby is ready without fear of them going out of style, plus they last forever and can be handed down to the next kiddo.


What products did you use religiously for your kids? Comment below and share your favorites. We hope you were inspired to take a fresh look at childhood and as always:

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