• Video: Fashion Meets Sports Pride | Seattle Seahawks Collection
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    Desiree Alford
Video: Fashion Meets Sports Pride | Seattle Seahawks Collection

       If you are a Seattle Seahawks fan and refuse to sacrifice your fashionable look, we are the brand for you. Business owner, Desiree Burgess, a Pacific Northwest native, was not only born and raised in Washington State but she speaks of how she was raised to love sports, be active, and enjoy the game. "I was raised in a family of 5 children and my Dad was always taking us to the latest baseball game or hockey match. He often surprised us with court side Sonics games and trips to the Dome. I even grew up playing on an all boys baseball team. With all this being said, I was surrounded with sports and being active but I also never wanted to sacrifice "my look." Back in the day they didn't even have sport shirts that were made for women. I remember having to get a huge boys t-shirt, if I wanted to sport the M's -- that DID NOT feel good to me!

I have always cared about what I had on my body and saw it as a reflection of who I was and how I felt. I view it as art --  Every day we have to wear clothes, why not put on things that reflect how we feel, who we are, while helping us feel good about that body we are in."

"When I started Harts & Pearls, I knew I wanted it to be much more than headbands and accessories, I wanted these pieces to represent so much more than the eye could see. Rather it be helping someone feel beautiful in their skin or adding a bit of excitement as you get ready for the day, our headbands, hats, and scarves are a symbol of beauty and hope. Seems pretty deep for a headband right? Well, that is just one example of the how what we put on ourselves every day has a bigger meaning and CAN reflect so much more. Our Seattle Seahawks collection is just that, we have worked hard to design pieces where the beauty of fashion meets sports pride."

"I am sure my parents and siblings can concur, I loved attending a good game, but I also had an equally deep love for feeling good in what I had on while cheering on my team"

 We hope as you get prepared for this upcoming 2016/2017 Hawks season that you too can find a piece or two that will not only help you celebrate your team but help you celebrate you and the beauty you are. 

As always, we believe you are wonderfully made and beautifully strong.


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    Desiree Alford

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