• The Key to Recharging During Your Busy Life
The Key to Recharging During Your Busy Life

This week we're taking a break from our favorite products and activities and talking about, well, taking a break. Life, it seems at times, is a constant ocean of coming and going with each wave another task we must surmount, a mountain we must conquer before the next rolls towards us. It is so difficult to find time to recharge in a life that doesn't slow down. We wanted to share and talk about how to acknowledge the time you do have for yourself, because that really is the key: intentionally acknowledging your 'you' time and then learning to let it reside in you during times of chaos.

The first step is to take apart your week and find those free minutes. They are there, even if they are when you first wake up or right before you lay down at night. Sometimes it's during your shower and other times it's on your daily commute. The point is that you're able to look at your life and identify opportunities for recharging.

Once you've analyzed when you're going to have the time, the trick is to learn to acknowledge it. What we mean is to become present in those moments and to realize that this is a time only for you. Close your eyes during your shower to soak in the relaxation and realize just how blessed you are. Before you start to read your book in the evening say to yourself that this is specifically your time, no matter how short. It isn't about how much time you have, it's about you identifying it as your personal time.

 It's all fine and dandy to be present during your free time and to recognize it in its duration, but what about when you re-enter your life? For some of us there's no stopping even on weekends. Many don't even remember what a weekend is! There's a problem here: our society doesn't know how to slow down. We lost that somewhere in our industrious past...but this blog isn't about how to fix the American dream, it's about how to mend your body and mind in the middle of the beautiful chaos of life. Our advice? Find a way to store up some of the energy you regained during your personal time and apply it to moments you feel overwhelmed. We all know that practice makes perfect; the more you internalize your recharging time, the more you'll be able to call upon it.

The act of recognizing and applying to our lives those moments when we can slow down is a skill we have to hone. It's all about the inner mantra of "This is a time specifically for me." Repeat that phrase in your mind before engaging in whatever activity you've chosen for your free time and remember it when life speeds up. You truly will begin to see yourself more refreshed to face the challenges, and even the joys, of living.

Now grab yourself a glass of iced tea and sit down to your favorite song, but don't forget to tell yourself that it's your time.

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