• Dressing Your Body Type
  • Abigail Snyder
Dressing Your Body Type

Hello, Ladies!

It's spring, which means it's time to clean out those closets and start finding fresh new looks. While shopping for clothes is great fun for most, it can be hard to know if what draws your eye will really flatter your body unless you look at the big picture of what cuts and silhouettes are going to be best on your shape. That's why we are here to help! We've narrowed down the 5 most common body types and have put together a how-to on how to best dress each one.

We understand that each woman's body is unique and because of that there will be some overlap between the types. But the key is to learn how to dress each part of your body so that you can create an ensemble that flatters everything about you.

1. Apple: You tend to carry your weight in your midsection and your bust is typically larger while your legs are thinner.

  • Try wearing dresses and blouses that come in at the smallest place on your body (likely just under your bust) with belt or drawstring. This draws the eye directly to the thinnest part of you.
  • V-necks and scoop necklines are the best for you as they draw the eye vertically to balance your figure.
  • When deciding on fabrics, choose those with more weight and structure to them as they will create clean lines on your body and not cling.
  • Show off your ankles! Covering them with long pant legs or boots creates the illusion of thick calves. Try cuffing the hem of your jeans just once to create space between your leg and the top of your foot.
  • A-line dresses are your best friend, especially if they have an empire waist and a deep v-neck.
Easy Going Ending dress - Modcloth

    2. Pear: You carry your weight in your hips and have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust.

    • Choose garments that will accentuate the narrowest part of you at your natural waist or just below your bust.
    • Go for statement necklaces or necklines with embellishments to draw the eye up and balance out your hips.
    • Details like cap, butterfly, and ruched sleeves can create the illusion of wider shoulders.
    • Keep the area around your hips free of excess fabric and bulk.
    • Make sure your pants are fitted and trim and that your jackets have structure, especially in the shoulders.
    • A-line skirts that hit at your natural waist and flow off your hips with a shoulder accentuating top are a great staple for you.

    3. Hourglass: You have a larger bust, narrow waist and full hips. The definition of curvy!

    • Keep your hemlines lower and necklines higher so as not to be too distracting, if you know what we mean.
    • Stay proportionate with equal balance on the top and bottom.
    • Show off your tiny waist with ensembles that are fitted at the midsection.
    • Like with pear-shaped gals, if you want to minimize your lower half, opt for A-line skirts that skim off your hips. If not, go for something like this:

    Cove Conference Dress - Modcloth

    4. Strawberry: You have narrow hips and wider shoulders and ribecage. What most people would describe as a swimmer's body.

    • Sweetheart, square and scoop necklines are great for you as they draw the eye toward the center of your body and showcase your lovely face!
    • Add extra umph to your hips with a peplum blouse or a skirt with pleats.
    • Unlike pear-shaped ladies, avoid blouses with shoulder detailing or embellished necklines.
    • Try blouses and shirts with longer sleeves as this will draw the down the arms and away from the shoulders. Three-quarter length or half length sleeves are best.
    • Stay away from boxy tops as these will add even more width to your shoulders.
    Peplum Cami - Old Navy

    5. Rectangle: Your hips and shoulders are roughly the same width and you have little waist definition.

    • The goal in dressing this body-type is to create curves where there may be none.
    • Invest in peplum dresses and skirts as these will give emphasis to your hips.
    • Try to find shirts and dresses with color blocking accentuating the waist and bust.
    • Flared skirts are great for this body type and so are blouses with ruffles on the neckline or shoulders.
    • Layering will be your best friend as it adds dimension to your shape.
    • If you're wearing a cardigan or jacket, make sure it has darts or tailoring to avoid looking too sack-like.
    Do Me Bright Dress - Modcloth

    We hope you have fun finding the fashions that make you look and feel fabulous!
        • Abigail Snyder

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        • Apr 25, 2016

          I think I a cross between apple & hour glass .. Helpful tips for all. Thanks H&P

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