• The Best Lazy-Girl Summer Hairstyles
The Best Lazy-Girl Summer Hairstyles

Let's be real, we all have days where putting in effort is the last thing we want to do. There are so many things to do to prep for summer it can be hard to bridge the transition, so we thought we'd help you out by giving you some tips for those laid back days and those surprise outings that make summer so wonderful!

1. Headband Halo

    • Select your favorite H&P headband and place it around your head. It should be snug, but NOT tight. 
    • Select a small piece of hair near your ear and wrap it once around the headband to cover the band at the back and and so that the ends point down.
    • Do the same on the other side and then blend the two ends with the rest of your hair.

       2. Easy Curls!

        • Sweep your hair into a high ponytail and separate it into two section.
        • Take the first section and twine it around a curling wand with about a 1-inch barrel. Leave it wrapped for 10-15 seconds and release.
        • Repeat with the other section, then release your hair and comb the curls out through your fingertips.

          3. Halo with a Twist

            • Take a small piece of hair from each side of your head near your ear or temple and form into twists.
            • Cross the twists at the back of your head and secure with pins making sure they are hidden.
            Photo from Style Me Pretty - The Vault
            • Blend the ends hanging down with the the rest of your hair. Try adding some curls to take it to the next level!

              4. Wrap It Up!

              • 1. Grab your favorite H&P headwrap and slide it over your crown to just cover your hairline.
              • 2. Whip the rest of your hair into a polished or messy bun at the nape of your neck and you're done!
              5. Sea-salt Waves (for naturally wavy/curly hair)

              Photo from BRIT+CO

              • 1. Starting with your hair dry, begin wetting your hair, avoiding the roots, over the sink using your hands to squeeze excess water
              • 2. Continue until the middle and end of each strand is damp wet and slighlty dripping.
              • 3. Using a towel, scrunch the excess water out of your hair and spritz each side 8-10 times with your favorite sea-salt spray.
              • 4. Take your towel and scrunch with your hands again to remove excess product.
              • 5. Let air-dry, and voila!


               We hope you enjoy these easy-going styles!

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