• 5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas!
5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Hello ladies,

As we all know, wedding season is coming up fast! That means there could be lots of planning in your future if you're in any way involved with a bridal party. Since every woman wants her wedding experience to be unique, we thought we'd help you out by giving you our favorite alternative ideas for bachelorette parties!

1. Get out and go camping!

Go ahead! Grab your best gal-friends and get out in nature. Bring all the fun presents you bring to a standard bachelorette party to be made even better being opened in the great outdoors. Bring s'mores, your favorite party drinks in thermoses and flasks, light a fire, and laugh the night away under the stars! It's a wild experience you'll always remember.

2. Take a bartending class.

Photo from Maryland Bartending Academy

What better way to have fun with your friends than to make the drinks the party? Learn how to make the classics and the new-fangled concoctions you've always wanted to know how to whip up. We don't promise anything, but odds are there will be a rugged barman there to teach you the art of the mix. Once you get the hang of things, try creating your own signature cocktail and wow the guests at your reception with your impeccable taste.

3. Have a sleepover!


Unleash your inner 13-year-old and keep the fun going all night long. Pillow-fights, make-overs, and rom-coms galore! While it may seem superficial, it's a really great way to pay homage to your younger days and how they helped make you who you are today. Spend an evening will your best friends reminiscing on all of the memories you share. The best part? No one needs to be designated driver!

4. Glamour Night!

Photo from Tomfoolery SF

That's right. Put on your fanciest frocks and bring on the glitz! Try your hand at a DIY photo booth by using a tripod, camera, and a remote clicker (easily picked up on Amazon). Make a run to the nearest thrift-store to grab gowns, accessories, and props for extra fun, then grab that signature cocktail and commemorate the upcoming wedding with photos that will always take you back.

5. Make it a Stag & Doe party!

Seriously, who says we have more fun apart? Since the marriage is about both of you, why not celebrate your final days of singledom together? Stag & Doe parties make for great memories, especially if your friend groups have a lot of overlap or there are lots of couples. Try for doing separate bachelor and bachelorette outings during the day, and then come together for an evening of hilarity. Be sure to take lots of pictures and keep the dance music going!

Have fun everyone!

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