• Video Tutorials: How to Wear A Head-Wrap || Plus 6 Additional Styling Tips
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Video Tutorials: How to Wear A Head-Wrap || Plus 6 Additional Styling Tips

Quick video tutorials answering the most popular questions we receive: How to wear a turban head-wrap or any head-wrap for that matter.

Six Head-Wrap Styling Tips

1. The head-wrap should not be tight, it actually should feel like it is just laying on your head, with not much pressure at all, if any.  When the headband is too tight that is when it starts pushing off the top of your head. The pressure of the headband against your hair and your head causes the headband to push up -- because of this make sure the head-wrap lays nicely on your head. If your headband is pushing off the top of your head most likely it is too small. The good news is we have custom sizing and we can make you a larger band.

2. The head-wrap should cover your hairline, when you are putting the head-wrap on your head, the head-wrap should cover where your hair meets your head  -- this is an ideal place to lay the band and good way to judge where it should be on your tresses.

3. Stay put. If you have super silky, baby fine hair, lightly spray your hair with hairspray or texture spray before placing the band on your head. This creates traction and will help the band stay in place, plus it will keep those pesky little flyaways at bay.

4. Head-wraps work on any head size and any hairstyle. No one has such an odd shaped head that a head-wrap won't fit. The problem is we are all used to wearing headbands, head-wraps fit very differently. If it isn't staying on, you need a different size, measure your head, send it to us, and we can make you any headband in your custom size. If you have shorter hair, a pixie cut etc. place the band about a 1/2 inch higher on the head than you would with longer hair, making sure more hair is showing in front of the band and a little more forehead. Follow the same head-wrap styling tips that are in the video, just place the band about 1/4- 1 inch higher on your head. 

5. How do you plan to wear your head-wrap? You can wear any of our head-wraps like a traditional headband, if this is your preference, size down. Head-wraps are made a bit larger than traditional headbands because they are made to lay on your head lightly. If you are normally an adult size and want to wear one of our head-wraps like a headband, order a child's size. Also if you are planning to mostly use your band for working out, we suggest sizing down as well.

6. Knot is on point! Last but not least, before you place the head-wrap on your head make sure it is laying nicely. Get it looking great off your head, get that turban knot laying flat, then place it on your head. This will help immensely with styling. Watch the video below to show you how to get the turban head-wrap laying great before you style. ALSO if your turban head-wrap gets twisted, watch the video below to get your turban knot back.

Adult: 21.5 - 23 inches ( Anything larger than 23 inches please let us know and we can custom size ).
Child: 20 - 21.5 inches
Toddler: 18 - 20 inches
6-12 Months: 15 - 17 inches
0-6 Months: 13 - 14 inches

We hope the above helps as well as our videos with styling and what to do if your head-wrap get twisted.




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