• Mommy Makeover (before + after) | Catwalk Salon - Lacey, WA
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Mommy Makeover (before + after) | Catwalk Salon - Lacey, WA

Find this photo on our Instagram feed for free shipping! And keep reading to find how you can get a headwrap sent to you on us.


Guys, I knew I needed it.

I’ve been doing the same makeup and hairstyle since high school.

Yes, I'm serious.

I’m a stay at home mom who tries to balance between mom life and freelance writing and grad school and my obsession with all things Harts & Pearls all while juggling my son’s soccer practice, preschool and everything else life throws my way. I usually slap on some mascara, throw my hair up in a headwrap (here’s my current fav) and run out the door (coffee dripping in hand). So when I was asked to an upcoming event I knew exactly who to call to freshen up my look.


After I reached out to Jenn, the owner of Catwalk Studio Hair Design, and asked for help she responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!”. Two days later, I walked into Catwalk (for the first time) only to feel as though I was strategically dropped into the middle of a group of besties that I completely belonged with.


Catwalk has been a leading salon in Lacey, Washington for the last 11 years. This unique salon specializes in offering all natural products along with on-trend hair and makeup services. With 9 stylists and 1 esthetician, each with their own specialty, the gals at Catwalk are able to help their vast customer base achieve everyone’s dream look.

I started in Chelsea’s chair for makeup then I moved over to Jenn’s chair where she gave me effortless-looking, bouncy curls. To complete my new, updated look I slid on a Versailles Botanica headwrap from Catwalk's H&P inventory.

Thank you to Jenn, Chelsea, and all the gorgeous babes at Catwalk for completely transforming my look and brightening my day. Jenn is offering 20% off retail products and Chelsea is running a 10% off special on makeup sessions (ask for the H&P special). Thank you KCM Photography for capturing this day.

Comment below for an entry into a drawing for a FREE headwrap. If you've had a makeover before, tell us about it! Or if you'd love a makeover, tell us what services you'd want to try.


  • hairharts and pearlsheadbandheadwrapmakeovermommy makeover

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  • Oct 19, 2017

    I would love a makeover to get my hair to have the wave and body that it used to and maybe get a pretty strawberry blonde color that I absolutely love with a cute easy to manage cut. I would love to have makeup without harsh chemicals that I could try to add a little color to my face without any major side effects due to my extremely sensitive skin.

    — Patricia Wastman

  • Oct 19, 2017

    Got my hair done by Jen yesterday; She’s the best! Love your line!

    — Joy

  • Oct 18, 2017

    Love H&P headwraps, such beautiful prints! Her makeover is gorgeous! What a fun time!

    — Shérie Helland

  • Oct 18, 2017

    I would LOVE to have someone teach me how I should be wearing makeup!! And learn how to curl my hair better (:

    — Cari Fry

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