• Mom & Daughter Halloween Tradition: 6 Years in the Making
Mom & Daughter Halloween Tradition: 6 Years in the Making

Happy Halloween Babes!

As little ghost and goblins make their way to your front door on this Halloween night we thought we'd share with you a little family tradition. (Also stay tuned to find out how you can win a FREE headwrap!)

So here goes.

Desiree, owner of Harts & Pearls, and her sister, Traci, have a deal with each of their daughters. Every Halloween, these mamas get to pick out one costume for their daughters and in return, the girls get to pick out a second costume. When Maci and Hartley, were just one year old, the first year this tradition kicked off it, their costumes brought such joy to the whole family that Desiree and Traci continued to get more creative with their costumes as the years went on.

Check them out!

1. Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do

2. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T

4. Papa Smurf and Brainy Smurf

5. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and The King of Pop

6. Featured on Saturday Night Live- Chris Farley as Matt Foley and Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkel


Watch Hartley and Maci's live debut as Desiree and Traci's favorite SNL characters for Halloween 2017!

Maci and Hartley now look forward to dressing up in the costumes their mamas pick out. Desiree and Traci have vowed to have this tradition live on as long as the little girls will allow it!

So for a chance to win a headwrap, tell us.... What are some of your Halloween family traditions?

(You say, year three is missing right?! You are right! There was a bit of controversy over their year 3 costumes, although done out of fun and a pure heart, Traci & Desiree would rather keep it to the fun. Use your imagination, year three was another famous pair, well known in the 90's, a part of Traci & Desiree's upbringing, and something that holds great memories with their Dad.)


This years inspiration:







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  • Nov 03, 2017

    One of my families traditions is that my two sisters & I go to the pumpkin patch & cut & pick our very own pumpkins :) they have a small animal farm there too with alpacas, mini donkeys, mini cows, potbelly pigs, & goats that we can feed! It has been 20 years now of that tradition! <3 & now we are starting our own bringing our fiancés & such with us. We all have so much fun that we made a pact that we’d keep it going as long as possible! “If you can talk, you can make it. Wheelchair, hands gone, moved out of town.. doesn’t matter. If your mouth is movin & words come out, you can come to the pumpkin patch with your sisters.”

    — Brooke Lucas

  • Nov 01, 2017

    Our Halloween tradition is that we eat a “janky” meal before trick or treating. This year we had fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, and peas. Last year it was Spam and rice, year before was pigs in a blanket!

    — Katy Fredrickson

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