• How to Plan a Wedding in 4 Weeks: Just Make it a Surprise!
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    Desiree Alford
How to Plan a Wedding in 4 Weeks: Just Make it a Surprise!

October 16, 2016, I walked into a restaurant and found my entire family and closest friends waiting for me. I turned to Ron and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. 

Overjoyed with excitement, as the evening ended, Ron and I went back to his house and planned our "surprise wedding." For Ron and I, we did not have any desire to have a large wedding, we also knew without a doubt we were supposed to be married. The actual "wedding" wasn't that important to us. What was important was being married, getting our family under one roof, and starting our life together while honoring God, each other, our children, and our family.

Our story is unique for several reason -- As our relationship developed we knew Ron would fulfill the role as "Daddy" for my 5 year old daughter, Hartley. On the other hand one of Ron's twin son's, Vanny, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and for us it made more sense than ever to get our family together, united under one roof to create more stability for one another and our children.  

For us, there was no reason to wait! Our other option was just to run down to the court house immediately! And we did discuss that several times. 

The surprise wedding became such a cool options for us because it gave us a unique way to plan a small wedding, in a short time (4 weeks), while still making it incredibly memorable and honoring to our family, friends, and most importantly, our children. We also felt like nothing in our relationship was "standard." Every part of it developed it such awe inspiring way, thus getting our marriage started differently -- just made sense. 


Alford "Surprise" Wedding (highlights) from Best Made Videos on Vimeo.

Thanks to Reid Johnson at Best Made Videos for the incredible video! We will forever cherish it.

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    Desiree Alford

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  • Jan 08, 2017

    Beautiful story..so inspirational . My wish for you is the longest, healthiest, happiest life together forever❤

    — Debi Valliere

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