• Beauty Through Tragedy: Brynn Johnson | Raise For Rowyn
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    Desiree Alford
Beauty Through Tragedy: Brynn Johnson | Raise For Rowyn

Just a few days after my interview with my husband, Ron Alford, posted last September, I received a sweet message telling me about a woman close by with an incredible story. Upon reading the message I knew I needed to meet this lady and do all I could to extend my hand, walk with her through her pain, and also join her in giving back.

As a new year begins and life is before us, we never know what is on the horizon, Brynn Johnson is one woman that made the choice to rise above through tragedy, she pushed into her pain and found a way to bring hope, even as her own heart was breaking. Take a moment to hear her incredible journey, what she is doing to raise spirits and funds for many families across the country, and how you can all now help.


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    Desiree Alford

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  • Jan 03, 2017

    Wow that was very powerful and sad but I love how Bryan was still finding hope and beauty. And Hearts and pearls I love so much

    — Jataya

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