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Meet the H&P Team!

Harts & Pearls is made up of goal oriented, passionate, driven people. At H&P we recognize the benefit of combining experts from different fields to work together towards a common goal. We also think that each member of our team should be given the creative freedom to pursue their passion and dreams.


As the founder of Harts & Pearls, Desiree is the driving force behind all things H&P. Des continues to inspire our team through her bravery, go-getter attitude and willingness to give back to our local community. Watch this short clip that was featured on Washington Lifestyle Homes last week as Des speaks about H&P.

In her own words “Harts & Pearls is not just about the headbands. It’s about inspiring women to chase after their passion and live full lives despite any obstacles they may face.”

As a mom of 3, Des created the company to be able to stay at home with her daughter and now strives to provide that type of flexibility for the members of the H&P team.


Over the last year, Barb has been instrumental in completing much of the back end tasks at the Harts & Pearls office. She has been such a blessing to our team and does everything from sewing headwraps, packaging orders, handling customer service calls and organizing our product inventory.

Barb said “I love to sew and be creative as well as work with people. Plus, when I’m working at Harts & Pearls, it feels like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends!”  

Did we mention that Barb is turning the big 5-0 next month and is a mom of 5?!


Since 2014, Shaun has managed the technical aspects of our website and email for H&P. Over the years, he’s played the role of videographer, photo editor, copywriter, online advertising planner, delivery guy, and heavy-stuff mover.

In Shaun’s words “The most challenging part about my work for H&P is anytime something breaks, there is pressure to get it back up and running. Being responsible for a website with more and more traffic - and customers - means every minute something isn't working is a bad customer experience. I love the message about empowering women so more traffic and customers is worth it.”

Shaun strives to help entrepreneurs reach their goals. Visit www.shaunnestor.com to learn more about how he can assist your business’ technical needs.  


This gorgeous gal started out with Harts & Pearls creating social media and blog content but soon found her passion for graphic design related projects. Ashlyn has produced much of the graphics you see from us to include original fabric designs and social media graphics. We’re so impressed with the new design for our shipping boxes she collaborated with Desiree on. 

As told by Ashlyn “Originally Desiree was looking for someone who could sew (which I could not), but she thought that my prior writing and design experience would be valuable for social media so she took a chance on me!”

Ashlyn has been a wonderful addition to H&P for the last 3 years and has since enrolled in graphic design school. Check out her portfolio!


Bekah started out with H&P in 2016 as a Writing Intern while she was finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology. After she completed her writing internship, Bekah was brought on as our Creative Assistant where she continues to write content for our website but also has ran our booth at the Puyallup Farmer’s Market, the Pinspiration Market along with assisted behind the scenes at numerous photo shoots.

In her own words “When I started I was so grateful just for the opportunity to develop myself as a writer. I knew that this type of writing would be a challenge for me since I come from an anthropology and not a business or fashion background. However, I’ve used my skills as an anthropologist to learn and understand the culture behind H&P and geared my writing to fit the audience. I was thrilled when Desiree asked me to stay on with H&P after my internship and the whole team has been my biggest supporters as I now pursue my Masters degree in Applied Anthropology.”

As a stay-at-home-mom, freelance writer and grad student Bekah loves the ability to work from home with the option to work at local H&P events. Email Bekah if you’re a fellow mom-trepreneur who’s interested in collaborating with Harts & Pearls.


As our Seattle area Sales Representative, Jennifer works our booth on Hawk Alley at Seattle Seahawks games to raise money for various charities. She jumped at the chance to work for H&P because she had been a customer for years.

In Jennifer’s opinion “The thing I like most about working with H&P is being part of such an inspiring story. Women should always empower women. You cannot hear or read about the story behind Harts & Pearls and not be inspired. Seeing someone be triumphant through hardships is sensational in itself – but watching someone be successful in selling something that can give other women a new confidence, give back to the community and still be so humble is truly remarkable.”

As a new mom, Jennifer loves adding H&P gear to her daughters wardrobe. Follow Jennifer on Instagram to get the latest H&P looks! 


As a mom of 3, Nikki loves H&P accessories because they are stylish, quick and easy to wear on the go. Nikki has mastered the art of balancing her home life, part-time job as a CPA and a part-time job with Harts & Pearls.

She says “I love that I can connect with people about something that I love. Lots of people are nervous about getting a head wrap on but I love changing their minds about that! I love the new connections I have made selling H&P and I like that its something I can pursue that is not number related.”

Nikki is our Grays Harbor rep and is crushing it! She’s always looking for any excuse to throw an H&P girls night and spoil the hostess with free product. Email Nikki to book your next party!

Do you have a specific skill that you think H&P could benefit from? We have open positions in sales and are always open-minded to other opportunities. Email us your cover letter and resume, we’d love to chat with you about joining our ever-growing team.





  • Bekah La Due
  • familyH&Pharts and pearlsheadbandheadwrapteam

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