• Discover the Best Color for Your Complexion
Discover the Best Color for Your Complexion

It's no secret. We all want to stand out in one way or another. From what we wear to what we do, there's no end to the ways we can express ourselves. So why not start with what we've already got: our complexion. The type and color of our skin is genetic and we cannot change it. However, there are ways to make the most of your personal visage. Check out the following to find the best color for your complexion and how to enhance it with a Harts & Pearls accessory picked just for you!

Before we start, it's important to know if your skin has a warm or cool undertone and how you can find out.

Finding Your Skin Tone:
There are a few ways to find the tone of your skin. None of them will work for everyone, so try them all. The most common result will be what you'll want to go with.

  • Turn your arm over to look at your wrist in a well-lit area. If your veins appear more blue in color then you have a cool skin tone. Veins with a greener hue signify that your skin tone is warm.
  • Another way to determine the tone of your skin is to use your jewelry. If you shine wearing silver, you've got a cool undertone while gold jewelry will look best on those with a warmer cast to their skin.
  • Take a look at your eye color. Generally, cooler skin tones will be paired naturally with grey, blue, or green eyes. Warmer undertones are most commonly found with black, hazel, or brown eyes.

Now that you've discovered whether your complexion is cool or warm, check out the following to find the color and accessory that's right for you.


  • Warm: Tranquil blues and blue-green colors are the most complimentary for you. The contrast of greens and blues with a rosy undertone is extraordinary. You're going to look fabulous in our Allure head wrap.


  • Cool: Fair skin with an olive tone is uncommon but stunning. Take our deep red Buffalo turban for a spin and see how many heads you turn!

    Buffalo Plaid Turban 


  • Warm: Since many colors are complimentary to medium skin, it's easy to overlook a warm undertone. Try pairing mustard or gold with your naturally ruddy complexion to give even more dimension to your look. Our Rio De Glam jeweled headband is perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town!

  • Cool: A medium-olive skin tone is beautifully showcased with light pink, like our Rose Halo. While deep hues are also complimentary, colors on the lighter end of the spectrum will be bolder next to your skin.

    Rose Halo 
  • Warm: darker complexions are able to reflect light more than any other which is why cool jewel tones like cobalt and sapphire, found in our Armada Flora turban, are the best colors to highlight dark skin with rosy undertone.

      Armada Flora
  • Cool: Contrast is key when you're dealing with complexion. Try pairing light colors such as the snowy white in the Harts & Pearls White Diamond head wrap with your deep olive skin and see the radiance it creates!

We hope you had fun learning more about who you are and finding your perfect H&P accessory. Don't forget that your complexion is as special as you are, so have fun and find a color that makes you feel gorgeous. While you're experimenting, keep this rule-of-thumb in mind: warm skin tones need cooler hues to even them out, just as cool undertones need warmth so as not to appear too sallow. When in doubt, go to the other side of the color wheel!


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