• How to Wear a Head-Wrap?
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    Desiree Alford
How to Wear a Head-Wrap?

Throughout my amazing two year adventure in business I've been asked A LOT of questions, but the number one question I hear is, “How do you wear a head-wrap?”

First let’s talk a little bit about the difference between a head-wrap and a traditional headband. A head-wrap is designed to wrap the head on top of your hair, a headband is designed to wrap the head under the hair.



Head Wrap



A lot of ladies love the head-wrap look, but just aren't sure 'how to do it.' Even more, they may have an idea how to wear it but they just aren't comfortable with the change. Like anything in life, the beginning is the hardest, even when it involves changing your headband! It was even foreign for me the first few times!

Something that helps me is intentionally choosing not to focus on the awkwardness of the change, and instead focusing on the look and feel I am trying capture. Personally, I see clothing as way of expressing myself, a way I can show who I am to the world, if you will. Fashion is one of the ways I value who I am and also capture who I am at the same time. There is just something about walking out the door and feeling good about the woman you are. Now, I don’t want to paint a picture that fashion or a head-wrap will give you all you need, it is far from the truth. For me, I have just found it be a small piece of the puzzle.

In the video below I help ease the pain of change by sharing how I wear my head-wraps, along with a few helpful tips I've learned along the way.

At Harts & Pearls we desire to empower women. We want all ladies to feel confident, strong, and absolutely gorgeous in our products.

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    Desiree Alford

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  • Apr 02, 2015

    You write so honletsy about this. Thanks for sharing!

    — Larry

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