• 5 Unique Gifts For Newlyweds
5 Unique Gifts For Newlyweds

Deep down, we all know no one needs three soup tureens or two of the same punch bowl. While gift registries are a great idea, make life simple, and contain items a couple truly does want/need, they can often be more trouble than they're worth. If you know the bride and groom really well it's great to send something personal. Here are some awesome non-cliché wedding gifts you can get for your friends no matter what their personality.

    1. If they are from different states, what better way to commemorate the journey of their love than with custom US state wall-hangings, one for him and one for her, by Maria Arseniuk. Based in Calgary, Canada, her hand-embroidered states adorned with flowers are a beautiful addition to any home.


      2. Whether your friends like to unwind or party on, you can't go wrong with champagne. Try surprising them by finding out where they are staying the night of the wedding and have delicious bubbly, beautiful champagne flutes, and even chocolate covered strawberries waiting in their room. It's the perfect way for the couple to relax after a busy day of getting married...and, you know, get the party started!

      Lead Champagne Flutes - 1350 Northvintage

      3. For the couple that loves to travel and have adventures we recommend getting them a vintage map of the world, along with groovy push-pins, so that they can make their mark as they explore the globe.

      Typography World Map - Steven Gowland

      We love this map because it's made up of over 2,000 city and town names to create the shape of the world. Each name is placed as close to its actual geographical location as possible without overlapping.

      4. Are your friends quirky and romantic? Try gifting the couple hand-illustrated love notes by Brynn James. Sold individually, her cards are a perfect way for lovers to love, comfort, and inspire each other. She can also create custom orders of any quote or saying your heart desires.

      5. For the nature-loving farming couple you can't go wrong with seeds. They last forever, so if they don't yet have property or space to grow plants, your gift won't go to waste. There's nothing like working in the garden together and watching plants grow along with your love. Too cheesy? Sorry, we're hopeless romantics!

      For extra personalization, do some sleuthing to find out what her favorite flowers are or what vegetables he loves so they will always be reminded of your friendship and support.

      Love In A Mist - Territorial Seed Co.


      We wish all the best to you and yours! Comment the greatest wedding gift you ever received. As always, we LOVE to hear from you.


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