• Gentlemen, The Best Gifts for Your Best Gal!
Gentlemen, The Best Gifts for Your Best Gal!

You've just gathered with family and friends to fondly reminisce on your blessings, but, with the smell of turkey still in the air, you're slowly starting to realize that you've less than 30 days until the most wonderful time of the year. While that may be enough time to buy sports-themed socks for Uncle Joe, as you know, finding a unique gift for the woman in your life can be a bit more of a challenge.

Have no fear, gents! Harts and Pearls has come to your aid with the very best gift guide for your very best girl, no matter what strikes her fancy. While we've broken this down into four main categories to make life easy, these gifts can be seamlessly mixed to match her unique personality:

Is She Adventurous?

Your wandering woman (only through the woods, of course) may want nothing more than to see a sunrise from every summit, but there's no harm in staying cozy and stylish while she does it!

1. KAVU (Klear Above Visibility Unlimited) is a native Pacific Northwest company that has been crafting high quality outdoor gear since 1993. Their Sundowner fitted canvas jacket, offered in several colors, is a gorgeous addition to your gal's roaming wardrobe. It features an attached hood, plaid lining, a beautiful cotton twill exterior and an adjustable waistband at the back to allow for layering, making the $140 price tag well worth it.

2. The epitome of cozy, Harts & Pearls' Urban Slouch hat will keep her in warmth and style. Beautiful ribbing and a leather H&P logo adorn this hat offered in charcoal, navy, beige and cedar rust orange. Starting at $28, it's the perfect piece to kick off her winter adventures!


Is She Chic?

We know that shopping for a woman can be immensely difficult, especially if she's a trendsetter. The key is to keep it simple by sticking with accessories and decor that are sophisticated and polished. Focus on unique details that will give her style a curated vibe.

1. Minnesota-based candle company Illume creates signature scents with all-natural ingredients and delicious fragrances. They have teamed up with Anthropologie to offer the Boulangerie collection of parisian dessert scented candles. The Pumpkin Souffle scent is to die for and we know your lady will love it!

2. Presenting the H&P Sunkissed Sand Turban Headwrap! Always handcrafted and made from ultra-soft shimmering fabric, our hottest new accessory will make her swoon almost as much as you do.

3. The Chime Drop Earrings are exactly what we are talking about when we say unique details are the key to creating a curated look she will love. The crystal clear faceted glass held by ornate prongs creates a delicate chain for right around $50. You can be sure these versatile earrings will soon become her favorite.


Is She Creative?

Creative gals are often into many different activities but are always looking for new ways to express themselves and share their artistic endeavors with the world. Often thoughtful, your creative gal will love these gifts that can inspire her to share her world with you and those she loves.

1. The INSTAX Wide 300 instant camera by Fujifilm is the perfect way for her to capture her favorite moments and adventures. It boasts two times the picture size of standard INSTAX cameras and is under $100 on Amazon and other sites. The film prints and develops right away for her to share and cherish forever. 

2. There are very few artistic gals who aren't heavily into the music scene. While earbuds are convenient, their sound capabilities are far from dynamic, not to mention how often they fall out while walking! Easily found under $100, give your girl the gift of amazing sound and beautiful design with BÖHM's B66 bluetooth headphones. No pesky cords to deal with, just a gorgeous experience inside and out.  


Is She Spontaneous?

Who doesn't love an adventure with someone who's always up for anything?! If this is your sweetheart, she is often unpredictable and probably changes up her routine frequently. Keeps you on your toes, doesn't she? Our gifts for your spontaneous gal are a surefire way to keep her fresh for her next last-minute escapade.

1. You've probably heard of Birchbox, but might not know that you can gift this monthly beauty box subscription. You can purchase 3 or 6 month's worth of the latest product samples to be delivered straight to your lady's door for $30-$60. Each box is packed with deluxe samples of anything from mascara, to hairspray, to perfume and because they aren't full-size, she'll be able to enjoy each product without feeling stuck with it.

2. If she's spontaneous, she's often on the go and may not have time for a full game-day outfit. Luckily for you, Harts & Pearls offers an easy-to-wear, fashionable alternative. The Trucker 12 snapback hat is offered in several different Seahawks hues and comes to just under $30. She's not a Hawks fan?! No worries, we can customize our trucker snapback with any team colors, just reach out!

3. While a spontaneous gal may not buy something like this for herself, it's likely something she needs since all of that free-spiriting might leave her a bit tardy for her scheduled engagements. Give her the gift of timeless simplicity with a CLUSE wristwatch for about $100. The bands are removable, also sold separately, and easily switched out to create a new look at the drop of a hat.


We hope our curated list inspired you as much as we know your gift will inspire her! If you purchased one of these items for her, post a picture on Instagram with #hartsandpearlsgiftguide to receive 25% off your next H&P purchase!

We wish you joy and happiness in this magical season.

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