• Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life
Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life

In our busy lives we all need a little DIY magic. Here are a few easy ways to improve your life (and your home) all on your own!

1. Use a drink dispenser for your detergent.

How had we not thought of this before? No one likes lugging the big, heavy container of detergent off the shelf and trying to pour the liquid in the cup without sloshing. The solution? Find a pretty glass drink dispenser and store your detergent inside. This allows gravity to do the job for you and all you have to do is hold the cup under the spout and turn handle. Make sure you pick one up that has a sturdy spigot. There's no point in trying this if the cheap plastic doesn't seal tightly and causes a leak.

2. Use Command hooks to easily hang a curtain rod.

News flash! You don't need a fancy curtain rod set to add decor to your living room. That's the curtains' job. Just grab yourself a rod at your local store and a Command hook in a finish that matches. They make ones that can support up to 16 lbs. Just make sure there's enough room in the curve of the hook for the rod you selected to fit. This hack is perfect if you're living in an apartment or renting a home, since there will be no damage to the wall. The Happier Homemaker has a great blog about how to make this great idea a reality.

3. Conceal your router in an old book.

Head to the used book store or consignment shop and grab an old cloth-bound book that has seen better days. Select one that is approximately the same size as your router and carefully remove the pages from the binding. We recommend using an Exacto knife or other sharp blade. Once you're done with that, place the router inside and set the book on your desk or shelf. You can place it vertically or horizontally depending on how your router is designed. This is a great option because it still allows your device to get the airflow it needs!

4. Use a can opener to open those tough plastic packages.

We've all been there: Costco. The wonderful place where you can get anything in exorbitant amounts...and packing. At least half of every load is tightly sealed in defense. Attack in proper form with your very own can opener! Just proceed along the edges of the packaging as you would a can and before you know it, you're done. Your fingers will thank you.

5. Paint those ugly ceramic tiles.

Most of us have them in our homes and they can certainly be unsightly. Hooray for the finishes of the early 2000s...Why go through the expense and bother of replacing those tiles? Paint them instead! Believe us, it's simpler than you'd think, but make sure you're selecting the right kind of paint and using one that's high quality. Nobody wants a peeling floor. Click the photo for more details on how to create this look.


Thanks for reading! Let us know your favorite DIY tips in the comments below and as always:

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